Organizing my craft room | Products I use to organize my workspace

Organizing my craft room | Products I use to organize my workspace

A crafter workspace neatly organized. Colorful vinyl organized on a wall and hardware organized in plastic organizers

Crafters are notorious for "collecting" materials. I am not the exception! I have a small workspace but I have figured out a couple of ways to organize my hoard of materials in a way that's efficient and effective (in my opinion anyway). Here is a view of how I organize my craft room!

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I was guilty of double buying vinyl because I couldn't see what I had available to work with. Enter a pegboard! Now I can see what I have and it also makes it easier to "build" a bag while I am getting combinations down. I keep the longer marine vinyl rolled up next to my fabric. I'm still looking for a better way to store that one!

 Organized vinyl on a pegboard

- Pegboard - Home Depot 4'x8' Pegboard

- Pegboard installation screws - make sure to get the right amount! 

- 2" Hooks

- 6" Hooks (these fit multiple rolls-for when we double buy)

Hardware: Zippers, zipper pulls and other tools

Talk about a collection! I got a bit obsessed with all the beautiful options for hardware and it got out of hand quick. I used these containers to organize my hardware by theme, color and style. It took time but it's completely worth it in my opinion. The best part is that they stack!

They are pretty heavy so they sit on a very strong table. I like it but I wouldn't recommend the company because I didn't have a great shipping experience. The table arrived damaged in a couple of spots and the company wasn't super helpful with that situation. It was missing some bolts and screws as well (probably because the shipping box was damaged) so I had to make a quick trip to Home Depot and find similar hardware to finish putting it together. Overall I'm ok with the table, just not thrilled with my experience with the company. Another great option that I've heard of is a "Husky Table". I've seen this brand in Home Depot. 

For 1" and 1.5" webbing, I use acrylic floating shelves. It took some time to find ones that were perfect for webbing. These hold up to 10 yard rolls of webbing! I love the way they look too. They come 2 in a pack.

Organized webbing


- Zipper Pulls Organizer

- Zipper Tape Organizer

- Combo Organizer (small drawers & big drawers)

- Webbing Shelves (similar - the ones I have aren't currently available)

- WorkPro ToolsTable


I like keeping my patterns in a cube basket in some clear folders. That way as I am sorting through them, I can see what pattern I am looking for quickly. I also do my best to keep them organized by designer, that way I can get to it quicker. Sometimes that's easier said than done!

Cube bin clear folder

- Pattern Folders


After much research and many sewing room tour videos watched, I decided to go with something a bit different to store my fabric. I wanted to be able to see what I had, protect it from dust, protect it from sunlight (it can damage your fabric!) and organize it by theme. I decided to "file" my fabric. It ticked all the boxes for me, so I ended up getting two big file cabinets to organize my fabric.

I keep my waterproof canvas on rolls next to the file cabinets. I'm still looking for a better way to store it.

The file cabinet was an investment but it was completely worth it for me.

File Cabinet

Fabric Scraps

Scraps started taking over my sewing space very quickly. I had different materials in my pile so I wanted to divide each material into it's own pile. I found some stackable baskets that could keep them separated and visible so it would be easy for me to go through and see what I could work with. They have gotten out of control again, but at least they are "organized".

stackable bins

- Stackable Bins

Pending Projects

My mind is usually all over the place and I often gets ideas for a combination while I'm working on a bag. I usually take out all the materials that I think of along with the pattern folder and put them in these baskets until I'm ready to get to it. I like doing this so the idea doesn't slip away from my mind!

project bins

- Pattern Folders

- Project Baskets

Glowforge Station

I love to create many different things and a Glowforge was on my wishlist for a looooong time. I was finally able to get it and with it came a whole new world of materials for me to hoard (collect)! From wood to acrylics, I was hooked! I had to figure out a way to organize everything, but most importantly I was searching for a table for it to live on, and it was a bit of a challenge because I was on a budget. I am very happy with the table I went with because it has everything that I wanted, but there are many options out there that would work wonderfully with the Glowforge. 

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- Table

- Material Organizer

 I hope this post helps you organize better in your craft space!

*Much love*